ALEX anniversary specials

The first hostel in Stuttgart celebrates its 10th anniversary. We are celebrating with our special offers!


For everyone who wants to have a relaxed start into the new week: get 25% off on your stay with our Alex 30 Sunday-Special. Valid for 5, 4, 3 and 2-Bed rooms on Sundays.
Specials can't be combined.

Last minute bookings: get 25% off for same day bookings made after 6pm.
Specials can't be combined.

For bargain hunters: Save 25% on your room price with the Alex 30 special! Valid only on specific days and room types.
Specials can't be combined.

For those who want inexpensive accommodation including breakfast: with the Alex 30 Backpacker Special, you will receive breakfast for €4 instead of €8 when you stay in a shared room. Bookings limited to a maximum of 3 people.
Specials can't be combined.

For anyone who wants to discover Stuttgart: with our Alex 30 Weekend-Special you receive a free 3-day public transport ticket (2 zones with VVS, worth 11€), when you book a weekend stay from Friday to Monday
Specials can't be combined.



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